Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP): Critical & Creative Thinking

As part of our 2014 SACS accreditation review, NCSU will submit a Quality Enhancement Plan that is designed to strengthen undergraduate student learning.  Our plan will focus on Critical & Creative Thinking.

NCSU’s 2011-2020 Strategic Plan, “The Pathway to the Future,” identified several strategies the institution could implement over the next ten years to provide high-impact educational experiences for undergraduates. These strategies, based on the work of George Kuh at Indiana University, were refined and further developed as alternative proposals for NCSU’s Quality Enhancement Plan. After broad consultation throughout the University, Critical & Creative Thinking ultimately was selected as the QEP topic.

A QEP Steering Committee, co-chaired by Chris Anson and Steve Reynolds, is overseeing the development of NCSU’s proposal. The Steering Committee is assisted by a Coordinating Committee that is divided into four Working Groups of 8 to 12 faculty, staff, and administrators. Working Groups are focusing on Program Design, Assessment, Faculty Development, and Marketing.  Agendas and meeting notes from all meetings of the Steering Committee and Working Groups will be available to the campus. Opportunities for faculty and students to engage with the topic will be provided throughout the year, and input is encouraged through the Critical & Creative Thinking blog.